Turkish Courses

DURATION: 1-36 weeks

AGE RANGE: 12 - 80 years old

Standard Turkish Course Learn Turkish five days a week for 3 lessons and have the rest of the day off! No class will be bigger than 8 students and we will provide all language levels, from beginners to advanced. To be able to offer you a Turkish course of your level and ability we will ask you to pass a small placement test in advance

DURATION: 1-48 weeks
AGE RANGE: 9 - 80 years old
Private Turkish Lessons Learn Turkish faster and in a more intensive way by taking one – on – one private lessons. Your Turkish teacher will provide course content, texts, exercises and conversation especially designed to fit your expectations.


Why Turkish?

Dating far back and spoken more than 200 million speakers across a wide geography, Turkish is a rich world language in terms of vocabulary and eloquence.

Having interacted with a great number of languages throughout history, Turkey’s Turkish, a branch of Turkish, will enable learners to get to know a rich culture created by this language, and to have a chance of understanding other branches of Turkish easier.

The main objective of TÖMER, Bilgi Foreign Language Center Turkish and Foreign Language Teaching, Research and Application Centre is to teach Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey, and to teach Turkish for Turks abroad as a mother language, to promote Turkey and Turkish culture. Also, among the objectives are to prepare course contents, to develop methods about teaching Turkish as a foreign language and mother language, and to conduct scientific research in cooperation with various institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad.

Dealing with the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language in parallel with scientific approach, TÖMER Turkish department boasts competent teaching staff, some of whom completed their post-graduate and doctorate studies, and excelled at teaching methods. Equipped with audio-visual classroom tools, our classrooms are designed as U type, holding between 5 and 16 students. Turkish courses are offered as intensive courses (1 month 80 hours) or regular courses (2 months 96 hours). Students completing Basic Turkish II are entitled to receive A1 certificate. In the same way, Basic Turkish IV= A2, Intermediate Turkish IV= B1, Upper-intermediate Turkish II=B2. Those who complete Upper-intermediate Turkish II successfully receives a diploma (C1) signed by the president of Ankara University. For the courses which don’t correspond to any ELP (European Language Portfolio) grading, namely; Basic Turkish I, Basic Turkish III, Intermediate Turkish I, Intermediate Turkish III, Upper-intermediate Turkish I, Upper- intermediate Turkish III, students can proceed to the next course upon the performance evaluation of the instructor. A student who fails this performance evaluation can demand to take an exam for that course.

Courses for  General Purpose       

12-level Turkish courses consist of 4 basic, 4 intermediate and 4 upper-intermediate levels. At the end of each level, our students are evaluated either with a performance evaluation or with a final exam covering four main language skills (listening-comprehension, reading-comprehension, speaking and writing), and sub-skill (grammar) that supports these skills. Yeni Hitit Turkish Education Set 1-2-3 and their workbooks, listening CD’s and DVD’s and supplementary exercise booklets, prepared by TÖMER Turkish Department, are used in general purpose Turkish courses.

Final Exams

At the end of the course period students take the final exam aimed at assessing the four main language skills. Should a student fail one of the skills of the exam, he/she can take a make-up exam. However, failure in more than one skill requires the repetition of the course.


ELEMENTARY 1 A1 N/A N/A New Hitit1 1.2.3. Units
ELEMENTARY 2 A1 N/A N/A New Hitit1 4.5.6. Units
ELEMENTARY 3 A2 N/A N/A New Hitit1 7.8.9. Units
ELEMENTARY 4 A2 Yes Elementary Certificate New Hitit1 10.11.12. Units
INTERMEDIATE 1 B1 N/A N/A New Hitit2 1.2.3. Units
INTERMEDIATE 2 B1 N/A N/A New Hitit2 4.5.6. Units
INTERMEDIATE 3 B1 N/A N/A New Hitit2 7.8.9. Units
INTERMEDIATE 4 B1 Yes Intermediate Certificate New Hitit2 10.11.12. Units
UPPER INTERMEDIATE 1 B2 N/A N/A New Hitit3 1.2.3. Units
UPPER INTERMEDIATE 2 B2 Yes Upper-Intermediate Certificate New Hitit3 4.5.6. Units
UPPER INTERMEDIATE 3 C1 N/A N/A New Hitit3 7.8.9. Units
UPPER INTERMEDIATE 4 C1 Yes Diploma New Hitit3 10.11.12. Units

At some levels assessment of students’ performance by the instructor rather than an exam is the method for students’ failure or success. Considering the performance of the student, his/her attendance, homework, quizzes the instructor assess the student as fail or pass. Students who fail in this assessment may require to take an exam.

Grading System of Exams

Skills Highest grade Lowest Grade
Listening 25 15
Reading 25 15
Interaction 15 9
Production 10 6
Writing 25 15
TOTAL 100 60

Courses for Specific Purposes

We offer authorship, drama and fast reading courses, and diction and oratory courses for those who would like to use Turkish correctly and effectively.

Drama Course

Drama education comprises program development through drama in education and the use of drama in foreign language learning and associated pedagogic approaches.

This program consists of 2 terms, 4 months each. Each term is 48 hours (4 moths).

“Writing” Course for Accurate and Effective Writing

It is an undisputed fact that language and thoughts are inseparable. In parallel with this fact our authorship courses aim to teach error-free writing, grammar rules, to express thoughts in a decent, artistic and aesthetic way and to create artistic works in addition to strengthening mother tongue awareness.

This program consists of 2 terms, 4 months each. Each term is 48 hours (4 months).

“Diction and Oratory” Course for Accurate and Effective Speaking

Here we teach the characteristics of spoken and written languages, the sounds of Turkish alphabet and their pronunciations. With an aim to correct speech disorders we study diaphragm and effective use of breath, correct use of speaking pace, stressing, intonation and articulation. We also do exercises to correct tongue-lips laziness and incoherency. We aim to upskill our students on the phases of planned speaking, body language, image, improvisation, public speaking, individual communication and creative speaking

This program consists of 2 terms.

Weekly 6 hours weekly 2 day each days 3 hours totally 216 hour duration:One academic year(9 months).Tömer exams prices and all meterials are included.

price:USD 1250 

Turkish Courses